Metallic Temporary Tattoos, 150+, 8 Sheets


The very latest jewelry-inspired metallic temporary tattoos for women, who really want to stand out from the crowd. 8 Sheets of the very latest designs.
  • SHIPS FROM USA. These tattoos for women not only look fabulous with a dinner dress but are perfect for the beach, festivals, parties, concerts and more.
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF. Once applied, these awesome tattoos will not wash off. Show them off at the beach or pool party. Long lasting temporary tattoos that look real.
  • HUGE COLLECTION, 150+ TATTOOS! 8 Premium Sheets of the very latest designs, including chevrons, infinity signs, necklaces, bracelets, Hawaiian tribal signs, & more.
  • 100% SAFE TO USE. Only the highest quality, non-toxic materials used.


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