AMPERSAND Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

The AMPERSAND is a rectangular puzzle with rounded corners. There's a large ampersand "&" symbol between the two names, and a date below. 

As seen in Martha Stewart Weddings.

HOW MANY PIECES SHOULD I ORDER?  I recommend ordering enough puzzle pieces for 60-70% of your guests. Select the number of puzzle pieces using drop-down menu below. Price is linked to number of pieces. Confused? Read my article about how many puzzle pieces you need for your guest book puzzle.

TURNAROUND TIME: Ships OCTOBER 13. Arrives by OCTOBER 20. Need it sooner? Contact Lara.

MATERIAL: ¼” birch plywood.

DIMENSIONS: Range from 11 x 14 in. (28 x 35 cm) up to 24. x 30 in. (61 x 76 cm).

YOU ALSO GET: Two markers, instruction card, and storage box.

PERSONALIZATION: Includes two names and a short form of the event date (mm-dd-yy or dd-mm-yy). You can upgrade to a long form of the date by purchasing this item from the add-on menu. 

AMPERSAND SIZE: You choose. 

LAYOUT OPTIONS: Two names of approximately equal length may look great to the left and right of the "&" symbol. Names of unequal length will look unbalanced in that layout. A short name with a long name looks best stacked above and below the "&" symbol. (See photos for examples of each layout.)

CORNERS: You can have them rounded, or not. Rounded corners are trickier to frame later. 

PUZZLE PIECES: Large enough for guests to leave signatures and brief messages. Lightly numbered with pencil on back for easier assembly.

QUESTIONS? Contact Bella Puzzles

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