Add Custom Puzzle Shape/Outline

Have your Bella Puzzle™ made in a custom shape.

This is for serious re-shaping, meaning your chosen puzzle style is rectangular by default, but you want it more customized.

Please know and specify what shape you want at the time you order. Examples could be "I want my puzzle to be round" or "I'd love this puzzle to be shaped like a cupcake" or "please make my PHOTO puzzle in a heart shape".***

For best results, pick a robust shape with lots of surface area. A narrow, thin, or spindly shape will not have enough surface area for guests to sign. 

If you want something simple – like a slightly decorated edge or rounded corners added to an otherwise rectangular puzzle – there are less expensive add-on options for those. 

If a custom shape is what excites you the most about your puzzle, there is a CUSTOM SHAPE puzzle. That style includes only one personalization option.

*** A word about adding custom shaping to PHOTO puzzles: I will not do custom shaping for PHOTO puzzles with more than 50 pieces. Photo puzzles are already limited to a size of 16.5 x 21.75 inches. Further reducing the puzzle size with custom shaping would create puzzle pieces that are too small to sign. Trust me on that!

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