What type of photo makes the best photo puzzle guest book?

What type of photo makes the best photo puzzle guest book?

I can’t even see you as I write this, but I know you’re worried. Will you look good enough on your wedding day?

You will.

Want to know why? Because it’s your wedding day –– the day you and the person you love most in the whole entire world get to officially start your life together. That smile on your face? Nothing is more beautiful than that. 

Years from now you’re going to look back at the pictures from your wedding and you will be stunned at just how amazing you look. Stunned. Trust me on this.

You’re also going to get out your guest book puzzle –– the one you’re going to ask me to make for you –– and you know what you’re going to say to yourself? You’re going to say, “Wow. I sure am glad I read that blog post about how to choose the right picture.”

The very blog post you’re reading now.

The reason why is because I’m about to tell you five things to remember when you’re choosing the photo you’re going to ask me to turn into that luxury keepsake –– the wedding guest book alternative that’s also a puzzle.


1. Make sure you’re in focus. Both of you. The photo you’re sending me is probably a lot smaller than the custom puzzle I’m going to make from it, so if you’re fuzzy in a 5 x 7, just imagine how fuzzy you’re going to be on a puzzle.

2. Subject matter. A simple, timeless, and classic photo is the way to go. With any luck, your photo guest book is going to be around in fifty years. Perhaps it will be in a frame on your wall. Select an image that will stand the test of time.

3. Make sure you’re not too big in the frame. Not because you’re not gorgeous –because you are – but because the bigger you are, the more likely your face is going to have to be cut in order to make a decent puzzle. I use tiny scroll saw blades to cut my puzzles, but even with the finest blade I can get, a cut is a cut. And a face is a face.

4. Make sure you’re not too small in the frame. And this one, yes, is because you’re gorgeous. I handcraft each and every guest book puzzle with superior materials so that 70 years from now, you’ll be able to get out the puzzle, put it together, and see just how gorgeous you are right now. You don’t want your grandkids to look at it and go, “Which one’s you, Grandma?”

5. Color. A black and white photo can make a stunning puzzle, but for sheer enjoyment’s sake, I recommend a color photo. A color photo puzzle is also easier to assemble.

Consider all these factors when choosing your image. You’ll have a guest book alternative you’ll be proud to display at your event and for many years to come. 


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