Custom wooden guest book puzzles are highly personalized

Custom wooden guest book puzzles are highly personalized

Next time you’re in a restaurant, take a minute to stop gazing into the eyes of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with (you can do this) and look around the room. You know what you’re going to see? Couples. Lots of couples.

What’s cool is that they’re all different.

Some couples are short. Some are stylish. Some are athletic. Some are geeky.

Here’s where it gets really cool. Most of the time, when you look at those couples, you can tell they belong together. Short people with short people. Stylish people with stylish people… They’ve all found each other and they all fit together.

Just like the wedding guest book puzzles I make.

I know the two of you aren’t like any other couple in that restaurant. So why should you celebrate your wedding with a guest book puzzle that’s the same as somebody else’s?

You shouldn’t.

Sure, I make short puzzles, stylish puzzles, athletic puzzles, geeky puzzles… But I’m talking even more specific. Do you two love pie? Why not get a guest book puzzle with special pieces in the shape of pie? (Those are called “figurals” or "whimsies" and I hand cut them into the shapes of palm trees, stars, numbers, even maps of Nantucket.)

Even the puzzle itself can be a shape that is meaningful to you.

If I were getting married again, I might make myself a guest book puzzle in the shape of cheese. I love cheese.

My point is, your wedding is about you –– the two of you. Shouldn’t you have a custom guestbook that’s all about the two of you, too?

Yes you should. That’s why I do what I do: Hand cut wedding guestbook alternatives for people like you. People who are unique, special, and lucky enough to have found each other.

Hey, one more thing. Take one more look around that restaurant. If you see people sitting there all by themselves, go up to them and say, “Don’t worry. You’ll find the one that fits you perfectly.” Then give them my number.

Oh wait. Maybe you better not. They might not realize you’re talking about a wedding guestbook puzzle.

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