Why Bella Puzzles are the best wedding guest book alternative.

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Congratulations! You’ve found the right partner to spend the rest of your life with.

Of course, you want your wedding to reflect all those qualities you admire in each other and I’m flattered that you’re considering a wedding guestbook puzzle as part of the celebration.

But I’m going to guess you know a little less about puzzle making than you do about love, so let me bring you up to speed on what you’re looking at.

Whether you end up with a Bella Puzzle or a wedding guest book alternative made by somebody else, here are the things you ought to look for:

Substance. You want a guest book that will last as long as your marriage. Longer, even. If you end up with grandkids, you’ll want to pass the memories along to them. So take a close look at the materials. A cardboard puzzle will be cheaper, but how long will it last?
Depth. If all you wanted was a puzzle that would last forever, you could get one made out of plastic. Not from me, of course, but you could. I work with high quality 1/4" birch plywood. It’s durable, which means you can actually use your puzzle, not just look at it. But it also has the warmth and heft of wood.
Fit. You can tell when two people fit together. And you can tell when puzzle pieces fit together. I cut each custom puzzle by hand, using top-notch tools, delicate scroll saw blades, and eleven years of puzzle-making experience. The result is a puzzle that fits together as well as you two do.
Uniqueness. You’re not ordinary. Isn’t it wonderful that you found someone who not only appreciates your quirks, but has cool quirks of their own? Turns out, puzzles can have quirks, too. We call them “silhouettes”, “figurals”, or “whimseys”. They’re special pieces cut into shapes that have meaning to the people I make the puzzles for. A couple who met in an apple orchard, for example, might want to have figurals in the shapes of apples. But it’s not just the special pieces that can be different. You can get your entire custom guestbook made into a special, meaningful shape. 
Looks. I know, when it comes to love, looks don’t matter. But when it comes to luxury guestbooks, well, let’s allow ourselves to be a little more superficial. Find something that looks good. If all the other pieces are there, you’ll be happy for a long time. 


See? Choosing the right guest book alternative isn’t that hard. Not as hard as finding true love – and look at you! You did that already.


Chalkboard instruction sign for Bella Puzzle wedding guestbook


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