Wedding guest book puzzles. How many pieces do you need?

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“How many pieces should I order for my wedding guest book puzzle?”

This is a question I hear almost every day. 

Good news! You do not need to get a puzzle piece for every guest. 

A selection of sign and unsigned puzzle pieces for a wedding puzzle by Bella Puzzles

Customers who get the number wrong say:

Ugh! I should have listened to you! Now I have about thirty blank pieces. I’d have saved money if I followed your advice.


I should have ordered more pieces. What was I thinking?! People had to share puzzle pieces and some of them just didn’t bother to sign because they saw the puzzle pieces were all full.

Customers who get the number right say:

 Thanks so much for your advice about the number of puzzle pieces. We had just enough with a couple blanks left over. I was so worried we’d be short, but it was perfect. I’d have spent a lot more on the puzzle if I’d just gone with my gut – thanks for talking me into getting the smaller number of pieces. 

So, how do you figure out how many pieces to order? Easy!

1. Decide how many guests are attending. 

2. Identify the range (low to high) of puzzle pieces you need, given the chart on this page. (This chart is on every Bella Puzzles product page, too. Scroll through the product photos to find it.)

3. Read and follow the recommendations in the right column of the chart. They'll help you decide if you should order near the low end or the high end of the estimate.

4. If in doubt, contact Bella Puzzles for clarification. 


How many puzzle pieces should you order?



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